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Our ensemble is unique.

There is little to no music written for our particular combination of instruments - so, we make our own or ask others to! Our music repsonds to the timbres and sonoriteis of our ensmeble, as well as engaging with environments and communities. From re-imaging half forgotten folk tunes; arranging piano scores; to composing our own music, Breakfast Club is a celebration of music from across the centuries and the globe.

Live recording, Daylight Music London

I Know You by Rhia Parker (1987 - )


Peaceful Determination
This piece was written during the Imagine Commission project with the Women for Refugee Women, The words are by the poet EE and Detta Danford, music by Breakfast Club,

New recording (June 2023 release) 

We Live Submerged by Rhia Parker (1987 -)

Recorded at Sands Films, Rotherhithe, London
Excerpt from a Breakfast Club album including a new commission by composer Sylvia Lim, alongside arrangements and new works including this track by Rhia Parker. 

Live Recordings, St Mary’s Church London

Only (solo voice) by Morton Feldman (1926 - 1927)
This is our arrangment for voice, flutes and cello

An arrangement of a West African Mandinka folk tune, originally heard as a field recording of Alhaji Bai Konte (kora and voice) and re-imagined here.

Salterello - Anon
A medieval dance tune from Italy.


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