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Newham Women’s Voices
London 2020

“From little things, big things grow.”

Newham in London is one of the capitals most diverse, exciting and under-resourced boroughs. It’s a heady mix of old and new, where cultures from across the world meet and swirl and bubble. It has also become home for a portion of our quartet and, as such, we wanted to offer something to the community and to get to know it more intimately.
We put a call out for singers and we met a couple of times in person, upstairs at the Denmark Arms pub. We were so lucky to have been able to meet even breifly face-to-face before being forced to re-locate online due to Covid-19. 
Undeterred, we continued to meet once per week to sing together and to find ways to remain connected as a group. The social importance of group music making is something that we already belive in deeply, and this time of forced isolation only served to deepen that beleif. We shared songs from around the world, breathed and streched together and made lo-fi recordings of our individual voices to build into collective tracks. 
It was a nourishing tonic for us all at during a very difficult, emotioanl time, and a heady reminder of the importance of reaching out and connecting. 

email: b.clubquartet@gmail.com