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Imagine Commission with Women for Refugee Women for Culture Mile
London 2020

“Woman Power is
Black Power is
Human Power is
We are ready, ready, ready.”

Between October and December 2020, Breakfast Club met with a group from Women for Refugee Women (WFRW) in order to explore the concept of identity and change during the covid pandemic. Due to social distancing restrictions, sessions were held on Zoom once per week where we connected through poetry, improvisation, singing, recording, video and photography.

Drawing inspiration from the poems Metamorphoses by the Canadian astronomer-writer Rebecca Elson (1960 - 1999) and NOW by the American writer, feminist and civil rights activist Audre Lorde (1934-1992), this Culture Mile Imagine Commission aimed to portray individual and collective narratives of struggle, strength and transformation during a uniquely challenging time.

In the end, we collectively created five musical pieces with three accompaning films (by drama and performance facilitator Rebecca Hayes Laughton and video editor Deryn Ellis) which we shared with a virtual audience in early December 2020.

email: b.clubquartet@gmail.com