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Culture Mile / Women for Refugee Women
London 2019

“I feel good when I raise my voice
So I can be heard.”

The Culture Mile is a partnership between The Barbican, the Museum of London, London Symphony Orchestra, the Guildhall School of Music and the City of London, which aims to celebrate this corner of City of London by animating the whole neighbourhood with imaginative events, activities and collaborations.

As a part of the Culture Mile, Breakfast Club partnered with the Women for Refugee Women Centre (Moorgate) to create new music and share the stories and experiences of the women who use the centre. It was a complete joy to work with this inspiring group - together we explored what it means to take care of ourselves within the context of destitution. We were humbled by the group’s openess and willingness to be experiemental, playful and honest. Over the course of four days together, we created a concert filled with poetry, song, movement and texture.

In conjunction with the work with the WFRW centre, we also performed as part of the 100 Days of Play - starting with a performance in the atrium of St Barts Hospital, Farringdon.

email: b.clubquartet@gmail.com